oes Gumtree work for business?

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oes Gumtree work for business?

Сообщение JoeClark » 29 окт 2017, 15:04

My main hesitation is that most photographers I have seen advertising on there are selling based on having the cheapest price rather than a compelling package with high quality results.

A few days ago I thought it may be a good place to cross list some gift voucher packages we have on our blog, to attract interest from locals who may have left their Christmas shopping until the last few days.

So far i have only spent about $16 for priority listing which has generated about 90 views and one good lead for our $249 gift certificate package.

Please Help.
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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oes Gumtree work for business?


Re: oes Gumtree work for business?

Сообщение skameykin22 » 15 мар 2018, 17:36

А дальше что?
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